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Photo Paper -03
Model: PP03
Introduce: High quality photo paper made in JAPAN.
  Detail description
The high quality photo paper that we offer is made in Japan.
We promise the quality of our photo paper is as good as the branded photo paper.
You can choose glossy or luster photo paper.

Size Description
3.5 inch 8.9cm X 186m
4.0 inch 10.2cm X 186m
5.0 inch 12.7cm X 186m
6.0 inch 15.2cm X 186m
8.0 inch 20.3cm X 90m
10.0 inch 25.4cm X 90m
12.0 inch 30.5cm X 90m
20.0 inch 50.8cm X 50m
24.5 inch 62.2cm X 50m
30.0 inch 76.2cm X 50m
40.0 inch 101.6cm X 50m
50.0 inch 127.0cm X 50m

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